Annalise Enterprise CXR
Triage Pneumothorax

is U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
cleared for use in triage and notification of pneuomothorax
and tension pneuomothorax on chest X-rays.
Some features are not available in all regions,
please check the regulatory status with an employee.

Annalise Enterprise CXR Triage Pneumothorax uses deep learning to identify the suspected presence of a subset of pneumothorax findings. It’s designed to help radiologists with triage and notification of these clinical findings on chest X-ray, assisting clinicians in treating patients with the most critical conditions first.

“Annalise products were designed and built by radiologists, for radiologists, and were trained on some of the largest and most diverse imaging datasets on the planet.”

Rick Abramson, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Worklist prioritization. Designed to reduce time to action critical findings.

Annalise Enterprise CXR Triage Pneumothorax has received a 510(K) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in triage and notification of a subset of chest X-ray findings, allowing a clinical site to apply specific triaging rules for the more urgent cases.

The model analyzes studies as they’re acquired and supplies a notification of urgent cases in a site’s reporting worklist. With integration within PACS, RIS or Reporting Worklist systems, radiologists can more efficiently prioritize their work and report on the most urgent cases first.

“I realised Annalise CXR behaves, in a sense, like a quiet radiology pal sitting over your shoulder, or not unlike having a keen registrar involved in your reporting session. That is, it hovers in the background, and ensures you don't take anything for granted on the X-ray under review.”
Private clinical practice radiologist
"If a radiologist could accessorise, Annalise would be the choice to make. Accurate, fast and easily integrated into existing workflow, Annalise showcases AI as a tool for enhanced efficiency in the reporting room."
Pilot program radiologist user

Trained on one of the world’s largest labelled CXR datasets.

Unlike vendors who train AI algorithms on NLP-extracted labels from reports or labels generated by radiographers and medical graduates, created more than 280 million labels with fully-qualified radiologists.

Trained by
148 consultant radiologists trained in Standardized labeling procedures to ensure a consistent and high-standard of labeling across all data-sets.
From a data-set of
780,000+ CXR studies
Labelled by
3 radiologists from a pool of 148, who independently hand-labeled each CXR study.
280,000,000+ CXR labels.
To bring you
the quality of Annalise Enterprise CXR Triage Pneumothorax