Annalise Enterprise CTB

The evolution of comprehensive decision-support AI for non-contrast CT Brain studies.

Some features are not available in all regions,
please check the regulatory status with an employee.

Where we work

The Annalise Enterprise CTB module is intended to assist radiologists with the interpretation of radiological imaging studies. It is available for clinical use in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Detect up to 130 findings
on non-contrast CT Brain (NCCTB) studies

The algorithm can identify 130 imaging findings, including a wide range of conditions that require time sensitive interventions. Annalise Enterprise CTB is designed to be an assistive clinical tool, empowering radiologists with a ‘second pair of eyes’ to then make accurate and fast decisions when every second counts. 



Intuitively designed.
By clinicians, for clincians

The Annalise Enterprise CTB Viewer automatically highlights the suspected location of findings on multiplanar reformatted images with pathology-appropriate window and level settings.  


Worklist prioritisation.
Designed to reduce time to action critical findings.

Annalise Enterprise’s AI models analyse studies as they’re acquired and provide a notification of urgent cases in your site’s reporting worklist. With the comprehensive number of findings and integration with your PACS, RIS or Reporting Worklist system, radiologists can more efficiently prioritise their work and report on the cases they deem most urgent first.*

Powered by clinically robust AI

The size, quality and diversity of training data are essential to developing a high-performing and generalisable AI model.

unique CTB studies
Annalise Enterprise CTB's AI algorithm was trained on over 212,000 unique non-contrast CTB (NCCTB) studies.
consultant radiologists
trained in standardised
labelling procedures hand-labelled each study with access to future and
past context, including MRI
imaging and clinical reports.
CTB labels
were generated over >100,000 working hours in order to train the AI model.
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Annalise Enterprise is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use. *Not all features are available in all regions, please reach out to directly for further information.