Annalise CXR Edge

The world's most comprehensive chest X-ray AI
decision-support solution for mobile and fixed X-ray machines.

Some features are not available in all regions,
please check the regulatory status with an employee.

Where we work

Intended to assist clinicians with the interpretation of chest X-ray images, Annalise CXR Edge is CE marked for use as a medical device in the European Union and is also registered for clinical use with the relevant regulatory authorities in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and India. Annalise CXR Edge is not available for purchase by the general public.

Reducing time to action for point-of-care imaging.
Detect up to 95 findings at the bedside.
Assisting clinicians to make fast and accurate decisions when every minute counts.

Annalise CXR Edge uses advanced deep-learning techniques to analyse chest X-rays for the presence of up to 95 clinical findings and provides a notification of suspected findings on-device in approximately 10 seconds or less, supporting clinicians to interpret chest X-rays at the point-of-care.



Now available in Australia and FujiFilm Australia partnership has partnered with Fujifilm Australia for the distribution of Annalise CXR Edge for FujiFilm’s portable and stationary chest X-ray machines.

Two variants of the Annalise CXR Edge is available to healthcare providers in Australia: Annalise CXR Edge Comprehensive, which can detect 95 clinical findings and is suited for inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings, and Annalise CXR Edge Critical Care, which detects 35 findings relevant in trauma, emergency, and intensive care settings. 

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